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Egoraptor is a douche

2009-05-27 04:26:17 by BestFlashEver

Egoraptor is a douche, and if you disagree, you're a douche. If you've ever voted 5 on any of his submissions, you're a douche. If you've ever given him a 10 on his reviews, you're a douche. If you've ever watched any of his garbage without wanting to kill him in a terribly cruel fashion, you're a douche.

If you want to be Egoraptor and have all the kiddy sex he gets, well, that's cool but you're still a douche.

Pretty soon you're going to be seeing his movies in theaters lined up right next to "Date Movie, Scary Movie, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Meet the Spartans" - cept it will be called "AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!"

Oh, if only we were so lucky. Because honestly, there's not enough entirely humorless parodies out there.

Tip for you Egoraptor - go watch some fucking Mel Brooks or Monty Python and learn what a REAL parody is. Oh, and same for "two of the six writers of Scary Movie" whoever the fuck those fucking faggots are.

P.S. - There is the enduring legend of illwillpress' account being hacked at one time. The person who hacked his account submitted some terrible fucking garbage randomass animation and guess what? It passed with over a 4.0 score - people didn't even watch it, they just instantly voted 5 because of his 'big name'. If I had to guess, I would say that half the votes you get are from people who have never seen your most recent video, they just vote 5 because OMG IT'S EGORAPTOR I WANT HIS COCK IN MY MOUTH!!!!!!111!!


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2009-05-27 04:28:33

Wow dude.

Saw your last post and what was it? Some kind of giant jizzing dick wall?

You are a faggot of the highest caliber.

I know that you are just some elaborate troll, but still dude fuck off.

BestFlashEver responds:

Oh, don't cry now baby Jesus. Just because I called out your lover for being an asshat doesn't mean you have to get all upset about it. Let's fuck and make up?


2009-05-27 04:42:48



2009-05-27 04:47:30

You appear to come off a little two forward and biased with your views, you fail to giving two view points of your argument so therefore i don't think many people will take you seriously...


I never understood what so great about Egoraptor, I only like him when he does voices for OTHER movies partly written by OTHER people. I when it comes to the awesome movies, i feel i have to force myself to laugh just cause the joke is soo bland but loved by tons of dumbass pre-teen. But thats not to say i dont find some parodies funny (Decline of Video Gaming probs the best thing ever made on NG) Big names really make it tough for new talented animators (like us :P) become popular. Unfortuantly, thats what newgrounds is, not a place where effort and talent reach the top, but where parodies and hentai become as popular as sliced bread.

Hell, lets face it, Thats Just What The Internet Is :'(

So i thank you my good friend for sharing ur beliefs with us :D I only hope that more less-random, sophisticated humor comes to NG....


2009-05-27 04:51:49

I am so sick of trolls like you on the internet. Just because you are "anonymous" you think you can do and say whatever you freaking want while hiding behind a alias. You target the popular people and criticize them and their fans, only because you will never be as good as them. All you are is just a little attention whore that needs to bee noticed so much, they'd fuck up anybody to get it. Here's a hint... You want to complain about how bad something is? Make something BETTER, if you can (which I highly doubt).

If my little comment here pissed you of, don't bother trying to tell crap to me. Instead, how about you prove me wrong? If you make something that makes it onto the front page of newgrounds that people actually like, then I'll admit I was wrong. Until then, just shut up and leave everybody else alone.

BestFlashEver responds:

While I will agree with your theory that the anonymity of the internet presents one with the capacity to say and do whatever they want without repercussion since there is no responsibility attached to one's words, I will have to point out the fact that you, my friend, are a fucking douche.

You wouldn't say that shit to my face, now would you? I'd skullfuck you, simply put. Of course, then I'd have to deal with all sorts of legal consequences, suits filed, etc. for beating on a mentally-handicapped twelve-year-old like yourself.

Regardless, thank you for your intelligent contribution.


2009-05-27 08:24:34

Hmmm, too bad you think that.


2009-05-27 08:30:29

five words. I'D LIKE SOME POUND CAKE!!


2009-05-31 17:14:41

Now...why is it...that people who dis guys like Egoraptor and such, always have nothing more than a few flashes, all with very low scores, that're basically shit.

Not to mention, you have seemingly endless free time and a wide knowledge of male genitalia & the terms in which to describe them. Oh THERE'S a good quality!
...idiot. I pity you for wanting so much attention, it's completely ridiculous, man.

Here's hoping you'll grow up a little & stop wasting your time with shit like this.


2009-06-05 08:25:19

Folks, he's just trying to get popular off of someone else's spotlight, cut the poor guy some slack.