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The Grand Return

2009-04-17 23:30:08 by BestFlashEver

Greetings, loyal followers.

Those of you reading this now obviously worship the very ground I walk upon, which is entirely within the realm of understanding. After all, I am a God and with that comes the title of BestFlashEver.

Ah, but the path I walk is a tiring one. He who says that to be a God is divine has never achieved the status I have myself - nay, it is a trial above all. I have but little energy to expend here for the rest I must save. Though fear not, mortals, I have not forgotten you nor your brethren.

I have simply come here to announce that I still exist and the great tributes you all pay to me on a daily basis will not be forgotten when I am considering admitting your pathetic little souls into my playground. So repent, and be not gay.


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