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Animation was good.



Neither is this flash.


That actually looked pretty damn good. Accomplished quite a bit since you got that pad

TheElSalvador responds:

I haven't done all that much, mostly just playing around with it. I am quite impressed with the pad so far though. For 45 bucks it exceeded my expectations, though I'm sure it's got nothing on a wacom.

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No excuse.

There is absolutely no excuse to release a game as unplayable as this. The real challenge in completing any of the levels lies in not getting stuck while trying to complete your goal.

When the actual goals, or challenges, of a level take a backseat to defeating the glitches inherent in the game itself, you know it's not ready.

The graphics were decent enough though the prequel was far superior.


I encountered a glitch where after hitting about 3,500 meters and coming back down into the ground I apparently smashed through it. The game went into a loop where I kept going -1,000+ meters underground. Had to restart.

Made me sick

While I understand it is a game, and therefore the only reason it exists is for pure entertainment value, there was no real substance to it.

It is a simple display of coding abilities with even simpler graphics laid over it. It is an impressive attempt at emulating some form of logic, but it falls quite short of attaining that goal. It is merely a series of dice rolls, thousands upon thousands of them. There is no real rhyme or reason to anything that takes place within the game; simply a long progression of increased percentage chances of statistical success.

And as many have stated, everything pertaining to the disease and the world itself is just baffling. A disease with no symptoms and no apparent harm to anyone carrying it, is somehow detected by the entire world, forcing countries to a standstill where they burn bodies and close schools. Oh yea, there's no bodies to burn since it's non-threatening.

My only real question is why is there a need for a disease in this imaginative little world? It seems as if the world is already ending based off the fact that the world population is constantly dropping, never balancing itself out.

My suggestion for your next game : Yahtzee.

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Turd of the Week

Grats on Turd of the Week (by association). You've earned it with this shit.

In addition, you've ruined The Office for me.

Everytime I watch it now I have to drop some X and get up and prance around with my glowsticks.

I am indeed the best flash artist ever. Adam Phillips once wrote to me in a dream telling me so. David Firth, that gay belind, once said I was a right plum chap. Crumpetlips?

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