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Masturbation etc.

2009-05-12 16:12:34 by BestFlashEver

You've probably found your way to this page through some incendiary comment I made about you, your mom, your sexuality, and/or your gay lover's sexuality.

Although, naturally, your first reaction would be to assume that I am in some way angry at you and/or the world. The truth is, I love everyone.

However, what I love more than everyone is everyone being angry. Your anger makes my penis hard. When I say something verbally abusive toward you and/or your mother, gay lover, etc. the response it will illicit is more gratifying than anything on this small, small world.

For example, when I call someone out for being an obvious faggot, there will invariably be a response from the community that is altogether negative. You will show up on my page, angrily typing slurs out in hopes of someway pushing my buttons. In reality, my friends, the only buttons you push with your angry comments are the two seated just below the base of my penis.

So, know this, as I read your angry comments I will be masturbating gleefully to the hate contained within them.


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2009-05-12 16:35:01

lol you're a funny man.


2009-05-12 16:43:01

haha lol..


2009-05-13 21:28:41

you make kittens happy all over the world. continue to spread your love