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2009-05-27 06:20:28 by BestFlashEver

Egoraptor vs. Some guy I've never heard of :



Well, after a long and hard-fought battle both champions have fallen. A double KO by way of mutual 69ing. Sadly, they grew too excited and after a brief sexual explosion they proceeded to choke on one another's cum.

I attempted to resuscitate them but to no avail.

RIP Shirley and Anne - you will be sorely missed.


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2009-05-27 10:09:29

You know what, I think what you said about Egoraptor is rather positive. He may not realize it yet, but you do speak some truth. I honestly believe that Egoraptor doesn't have any artistic integrity and would much rather be making movies along the boring and bland vein scary movie and such. He doesn't even have a chin.


2009-05-27 10:14:19

Alright Ross, that's the last straw. I understand you've had some hostility towards me, but this is something new. I'm really disappointed in your lack of character here, and I have a chin. I would never stoop so low as to be in the same boat as scary movie and such. My movies are way above that. Didn't you see Metal gear Awesome? Fuck off you Aussie prick.


2009-05-27 10:15:27

You think you're so great, with your millions of views and hordes of fans. You know what I'm sick of just standing in your shadow. I have plenty of character, so much so that I'm a very charactistic guy. Do you even know who I am? HUH? HUUUH? Did you even see Decline of Video Gaming. I had a CAMEO in that. 3 I believe. I also made TSAH, which was fantastic. Lets not forget such classics as Van Helthing Volume 1 and Shaolin Sausage. I taught you everything you know about Flash, how could you do this to me. You are a bastard. And I still think you have no chin.


2009-05-27 10:18:02

Fuck you, you have big ears you cock. Look I'm so sick of your shit, you know you've been like this but on a small scale, and now you show your true colors, haha. I knew this would happen. Standing in my shadow? Please. My shadow would crush you with darkness. Decline of Video Gaming? I was like, the entire cast. And don't get me started on how much I had to do with Shaolin Sausage. The shit you taught me about flash was kiddy shit. I could've learned that better on youtube. And you know what? I never told you this, but, I DID learn it all on youtube. Your shitty teaching skills were horrible and I didn't learn jackshit from you. How about that mister Australian teacher man? I win, you dick.


2009-05-27 10:24:35

You win? YOU WIN? THIS ISN'T OVER. Don't walk away from this, you've been putting it off for too long. Alright, just listen. Just because my ears give me increased hearing, like an elephant, doesn't mean you can act all jealous about your no chin situation. Please your shadow is so big, only because you are a fatty. Every day is an eclipse when standing behind you. But all I can see is millions of fan boys licking your anus. There are some fan girls there that follow you around but they're invisible and imaginary and probably lesbians. But not in the good way, more like in the bald and bland way like on queer as folk. I don't think you ever saw that show but it was on SBS for a while. It was really gay. Like you.

Don't lie, you never learnt a thing from YouTube except how to sell out! What ever happened to your whole ANTI-YOUTUBE thing. What happened to Metal Gear Awesome not being on YouTube.. Hell I see like a million copies of it on the site. And theres nothing you can do about it because you're a douche muncher.

And as for your voice acting, PPPPPPFFFTTT.. PLEASE. CAN ANYONE SAY STEVE BLOOM? You only have one voice and it sounds like David Hayter all the time but sometimes like Steve Bloom but mainly more like David Hayter.

You're a lie.

Looks like I WIN. End of discussion BUDDY.


2009-05-27 10:30:25

Slow down there there you Australian fuckface ass douche fuck licking ball dick munching fag dropper bitch.You calling me fat is like the pot calling the kettle black. Have you looked in a fucking mirror? You're godamn like 700 pounds, for fuck's sake. Remember when you sat on me at AX? I almost died. Ross I fucking almost DIED. I told you to get off but you were like "No I'm comfortable" because you're fucking gay. You felt my boner up your ass and you liked it you faggot.

And selling out? Please. Youtube is the onyl way to make money nowadays. Are you serious? Newgrounds is a joke. Youtube has 70 billion viewers a minute and I don't even know how much newgrounds gets. What like 7? Whatever. You just don't accept change Ross. You never did, and I'm sick of your bullshit unchanging bullshit.

I'm fucking beautiful and women want to fuck me all the time. Don't even act like I'm not because I am. Who gets the pussy? Me. I Win. Not you, you gay fat australian fat.


2009-05-27 10:34:28

Are you kidding me? I'm not that fat. Seriously, I don't even weigh that much. I don't UNDERSTAND WHY EVERYONE THINKS I'M SSSSOOOO FAAAT. I MEAN JUST THE OTHER DAY.. I got this stupid email from a kid saying this...

"I was watching the live action episode just to pass the time and all of a sudden
there was this fat kid in a hoody trying to mount richard.Why?"


Plus I'm waaaaaay prettier then you. Heres a diagram of how much more attractive I am then you.. Simply because I have a chin. 7/rubberninja/THISISYOU.jpg

Also when I sat on you I couldn't even feel your weiner, probably because it isn't 9 inches its more like 9cm. Whilst mine is like a whole km.. But you wouldn't know what that is because you're a stupid american with your stupid metric system thingy whatsit don't even get me started on that shit you're such a silly toss. UUUUURGH.

Please NEWGROUNDS is the place to be not YouTube. If you don't like it here why don't you start making video blogs about how much you suck a dick. And then you can make lots of videos where you do your invader zim voice because thats all you're good at. That and doing the steve bloom david hayter voice you're also good at. By the way you only have voice. But don't include the oother-- Just shut up. Okay? You don't even know. OKAY? OKAY? Fuck, I'm sick of your shit. And you have a lot of it.

PLEASE.. Women wanting to bone you? YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME. More like they want to .. Uh.. Feel your Metal Gear AWESOME. Which isn't that big or sexual.. Its more like small, badly drawn and funny to look at. Plus I bet your pee pee yells and swears a lot like your cartoons. Yeah you know what I'm talking about you piece of shit.


2009-05-27 10:39:22

If that's what you think, man. But I'm sick of your shit too. I didn't even like Gamer Tonight, I just did those fucking stupidass voices because you paid me. Why would I voice for some faggotass video game parody when I could be making the big dollars animating for MTV. That's HOT SHIT right there. IT's 100% pure American. Do you even know what MTV is? Fuck, do you even know what TV is? You must live in Down under land where you hunt dingos all day or some shit.

And what kind of job do you get? Playboy? What are you, a total sellout? You drawing porn for money? You might as well be a hooker. Jesus Christ, get some fucking dignity. or some artistic integrity, you cuntbag. You made some cartoon about dinosaurs or some shit, JEsus Ross, don't you know dinosaurs are extinct? Fucking moron. Dolphins don't even talk. And that whole cartoon was completely ripped off of Spongebob and southpark and charlie the unicorn and bitey of brakenwood and tom goes to the mayor and M.A.S.H..

Can't you make something ORIGINAL? All you do is sit on your fatass and play video games and argue on the internet. What the hell are you going to accomplish from arguing on the internet huh? You should do something more productive with your time.

Can't wait to hear what you have to say after this, hahaha. Fucking idiot.


2009-05-27 10:41:28

I don't have to respond to that. Because its already clear I WON. Don't even try to hide it!

Hahahaha LOSER. See that big L I'm making above my head. That is directed at you. You can't see it obviously, but its there.



2009-05-27 10:47:29

The only horse you're high on is the horse dick you've been smoking all day.


2009-05-27 11:05:57

Yeah, as if mate. You'd know all about horses.

Because you have A HORSE FACE.


2009-05-27 11:06:19

Actually I take that back, that's an insult to horses.

At least they have necks.


2009-05-27 11:07:25




2009-05-27 11:09:13


You've achieved in this little space what you could never achieve in all of your years of flash work. A true parody? Kind of.

It's nice of you clownshoes to join me down here. Please feel free to continue.

Don't mind me, I'll be the guy in the back screaming angrily at his penis while he masturbates.


2009-05-27 11:12:45

Oh, and fuck you and your rabid fans :

This message is to inform you that the following review, which you left for Awesome Cracks Down on 5/27/09 at 4:16:44 AM, has been deleted:


2009-05-27 11:13:07


I'm going to make you eat shit Egofaggot.


2009-05-27 11:13:19

Stay out of our fucking business you fuckface. Jesus Christ go jack off to something normal like scat porn.


2009-05-27 11:13:58

Hey you leave him out of this EGORAPTOR. This is between me and you. And my dog blue.. We can do anything thing that we want to. Mother fucker.


2009-05-27 11:15:42

Shut up Ross you dicklover you started this ass fight and you're gunna have to end it because I'm done with this shit okay. I'm better than this to argue with some LOSER online who can't even spell anything correctly. Learn to read and type and think from school! Faggot. Go die.



2009-05-27 11:15:47

Mother fucker I'm hungry for words. You're hungry for dick.

I win. Game over.


2009-05-27 11:17:22

Hahahaha that's funny you referenced my movie that's like a true parody there I give you props for that, because you can't do real parodies you can only parody things in when you're angry on forums online because you're a tool and I hate you and I will never stop fucking talking about or to you forever because I secretly want to fuck you so hard and raw that my dick will come out of your mouth when I fuck you.


2009-05-27 11:18:07

Ok I don't like where this is going. I just wanted to be your worst hated enemy.

Now shit is getting too sexual.

I think it's all going a bit fast for me. I'm not ready for this kind of relationship.

Also I only date women with necks.


2009-05-27 11:18:50

Baby I can change I know a great plastic surgeon.


2009-05-27 11:19:22

Too bad a plastic surgeon can't make you any less of a dick.


2009-05-27 11:19:50

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Say that again but in a wacky, zany voice. That's fucking hot.


2009-05-27 11:20:28

Yeah you're right because it's too fucking long and hard for them to even get near it also it's inside you so it's a little difficult to operate!!!!


2009-05-27 11:22:36


Well take this cock munch.


Hard punch. Hard kick.


2009-05-27 11:23:49

bitches call me Hadouken.



2009-05-27 11:25:45

Okay this is what BestFlashEver is talking about. Your parody is weak. You clearly don't know what it is to be a true flash artist. Take a page from such talent like Wonchop and Kibopher. They know how the satire thing works, they nail it.

You on the other hand just yell like a headless chook into the mic.

You have no idea.


2009-05-27 11:28:03

It doesn't matter because I get the pageviews. You know what you get?

Steve Irwin.


2009-05-27 11:29:10

Okay, seriously you have taken this too far. Nobody insults our late president and gets away with it.


2009-05-27 11:34:53

Your discussion seems to be going nowhere, might I suggest you two partake in a game of genital jousting? (Copyright, Best Flash Ever, 1983).

Depending on the equipment available (preferably a donkey or some sort of small pack creature) the rules are as follows :

The two participants shall jerk each other off until they become fully erect. Once both participants have been given a chance to gain a full erection, they will then proceed to charge at each other (mounted or unmounted), eventually clashing penis heads at a predetermined location. Once your opponent has been unmounted, or knocked over, you will give him a chance to collect himself.

Once he has been given the opportunity to stand up, you will then begin slapping the shafts of your penises together in a mock swordfight. Whoever falls to the ground first is considered incapacitated and must be finished off by his opponent with a killing blow, right to his eyes. Once the moneyshot has been delivered, a victor will be declared.

Points are awarded in a three-tier system. One point is awarded to the victor of the jousting round, one point is awarded to the victor of the swordfight, and one point is awarded for accuracy of moneyshot delivered.

There are also two bonus points available. One point will be awarded to the participant with the best costume, and one point will be awarded to the participant who allows me to fellate them after the match.



2009-05-27 12:08:44

Well at least I'm not the one who jerks off male dogs 7/rubberninja/3203863841_404b7a4b6b.j pg



2009-06-01 03:09:23

Joust! Joust! Joust! Joust! Joust!

be sure youtube is there to tape it with their fancy VHS camcorders.


2009-06-01 06:40:42

Where do you think you'd be, BestFlashEver, if you weren't on the internet all day?

BestFlashEver responds:

Inside your mom.



2009-06-03 22:32:46

Honestly Rubberninja is right egoraptor. You clearly have no talent in any shape or form, other than you zany voice. Please just quit newgrounds. Let BestFlashEver take all the credit, he needs the attention you know? Love a fellow man.


2009-06-05 08:23:58

Gratz on breaking the 2/5 flash score barrier.


2009-06-07 02:41:38

BestFlashEver a.k.a ShitFlashEver spits himself from his cock and shit. He's a douchebag, his flash are uber cocksucking shit. Now ShitFlashEver, get the fuck off newgrounds before I rape your poor ass.


2009-07-14 02:51:02

Ross is the winner,
because his Aussie. *Australian Highfive!*